Pregnant Photoshoot

Belly Shoot

The best period for a pregnancy photo-shoot (belly shoot)  is in between week 30 and 35. The belly is most beautiful during that period.

In my studio I make some compositions. You can change clothes or lingerie during the pregnant photoshoot (or even without if you would like to). Your partner and children, if there are any, are welcome as well and can be part of the photo-shoot. We’ll taken all the time needed for the photo-shoot. In my studio are all kind of props available, like maternity dress, voiles and lace, to be used in combination with your own lingerie.

A photoshoot of such special moment and experience in your life, the maternity, is something never to forget. Later on when the baby is born and your belly is back in normal shape, the photos will be there to cherish that special period.

The studio is situated at De Oude Veiling in Zwaag, near Hoorn. I use daylight and studiolight for my photos. The atmosphere in the studio in conjunction with the daylight makes it very special. A maternity photoshoot takes about an hour and a half.

Price Photoshoot

Photo package A costs € 195, – and includes 7 highres

Photo package B costs € 250, – and includes 12 highres,

Photo’s are edited both in color and in black-and-white !

During the photo-shoot I take a lot of pictures ( suggestions are always welcome the way you want these taken)
Back-home I make a selection from the shoot. This selection will be presented towards you to make the first choice for the photos included in photo package.


Would you like more information about a pregnancy shoot? Fill in the contact form and you will hear from me.


pregnant photoshoot
pregnant photoshoot
pregnant photoshoot
pregnant photoshoot
pregnant photoshoot
pregnant photoshoot

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